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We take plastic in Malaysia seriously.
And we’re serious about wanting to help.

PP Plastic recycle

SME Recycle is the Malaysia leading plastic recycling company; we work with companies in a variety of different sectors to help reduce costs and recycle more!

Our portfolio of clients includes manufacturers, food companies, distribution centres, warehouses, importers/exporters and many waste management & recycling centers in within Malaysia. We operate our own recycling hub, located in Rawang Kuala Lumpur, which serves as a bulking site for different types of recyclable.

Waste materials are also collected using ‘local collection services’, which helps reduce the carbon footprint during our collection process. We operate from various partner sites throughout the Malaysia where the material is stored and then supplied directly to end-users.

Supplying end markets gives us the edge


We supply waste plastic and packaging directly to factories that process this material back into manufacturing. This provides our customers with a sustainable outlet, as we understand the end markets for different plastic types. Implementing a sustainable and cost effective recycling strategy is at the core of our business offering. By employing our expert knowledge we are able to maximize landfill diversion.

The services we offer


Our company buys scrap plastic directly from waste management companies and recycling centers from all over the Malaysia.